When The Hästens Store Dallas opened its doors for business, it became the first and only Hästens Flagship Store in Texas, offering all Hästens beds and accessories to people looking for the perfect night’s sleep.

Co-owners Connie True and Flemming Christensen have created an intimate, serene and relaxed atmosphere giving customers the opportunity to try the various styles of these luxurious, all-natural beds from Sweden. Selecting a bed shouldn’t be a hurried, urgent or stressful process because we spend so much time in our beds and the over-all well being and quality of life itself is determined by the quality of sleep we get every night.

Hästens Sanger, founded in 1852, in Koping, Sweden, has continually provided the European consumer a source to get a hand made, long-lasting bed that ensures a good night’s sleep every night from birth to the end of life. What more could anyone want?

Now, you can visit The Hästens Store Dallas and feel for yourself why you’ll want a Hästens bed – the Bed of Your Dreams -- for everyone in your home.